India Unhappy with Gawadar and CPEC

The first consignment on November 13 of Chinese goods passed through the Gwadar port in Pakistan on to ports in West Asia and Africa, proving the progress of the Port and importance of CPEC in the region.  The port is the showpiece of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, which Pakistan sees as a crucial link that will help it in its drive to prosper and bring foreign investment to the region.

India unhappy with Pak Progress

* India is unhappy with the CPEC as it passes through the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, which is bound to get the fruits of the project.

* PM Narendra Modi inciting hate in the region, manipulated the Balochistan issue in his Independence Day speech, affirming his interest in the region.

* Baloch rebels and militants are in constant touch with India, seeking assistance of them in the name of fake struggle.

* India is trying to keep Pakistan’s military engaged either through their support of Terrorism in the country, aiding banned outfits or through unprovoked ceasefire violations at LoC, insinuating ulterior agenda’s in the province of Balochistan.

* India has aggrandized their efforts to curb freedom movements in Indian-Occupied Kashmir, through excessive force, massacring innocent Kashmiris.

India Inciting Balochs

* India is inciting people of Balochistan, the Pakistani province in which Gwadar is located, to fight against the CPEC.

* Though the regions is said to benefit the most from CPEC yet India propagating that the benefits will not flow to them.

* India is supporting Tehreek-e-Taliban and other banned outfits already in the region that have already claimed to have killing of some Chinese in Pakistan. It is due these events that Pakistan had to deployed as many as 14,503 security personnel to secure some 7,036 Chinese nationals working on CPEC.

India’s violation of ceasefire

* India has continued ceasefire violations which is a contravention of the 2003 Ceasefire Understanding as well as of international law.

* After 13 years with Indian troops efforts gone in vain, last week, in Kashmir their forces launched artillery barrages in a major escalation of attacks along the LoC.

* In the past two months only, due to Indian Troops firing 26 civilian casualties and injury to another 107 civilians to include women and children have been reported.

Crimes in Kashmir

India’s coercive policy (under the cover of Armed Forces Special Protection Act-AFSPA) has enslaved the Kashmiris within their own homeland denying them their freedom, without offering a fair plebiscite. 

Indian forces have resorted to crimes beyond imagination. Hurriyat leadership has been detained; people are being killed, pellets are being fired at them, making them blind/and crippled. Doctors and ambulances are being attacked/targeted. The people have also been socially impaired, newspapers and the social networking sites are blocked.

Why is Gwadar so Important

What is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC)

* The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) is a 3,218-km route consisting of highways, railways and pipelines that will connect Gwadar port to Xinjiang in China. The CPEC is crucial for China’s ‘One Belt,One Road’ initiative that aims to connect China to Europe and Asia.

* CPEC is a vision with the long-term planning up to 2030 promoting a “1+4” pattern of economic cooperation, featuring a central role of the CPEC and four key areas including the Gwadar port, energy, transportation infrastructure and industrial cooperation.

* Both countries will explore and expand the cooperation fields to finance, science and technology, tourism, education, poverty elimination and city planning, etc., so as to meet the demands of deepening and expanding of China-Pakistan all-round cooperation.

More info on CPEC

What Pakistan gains from CPEC

* CPEC investments expected to exceed all FDI in Pakistan since 1970.

* Over 7 lakh direct jobs likely to be created by CPEC in Pakistan.

* Connectivity, bilateral ties and revenue from countries using the trade route within the region.

* Influx of 10,400MW of electricity in the total grid with 16 prioritized projects.

* Two major CPEC transportation projects, i.e. KKH Phase-II (Havelian-Thakot section) and Karachi-Lahore Motorway (Sukkur-Multan section)

* Railway Line ML1 (Peshawar-Karachi) up-gradation project

* China and Pakistan are actively promoting the East Bay Expressway project and the New Gwadar International Airport project.

* Optical Fiber Cable from Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Khunjrab




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